Go Home Nintendo, You’re Drunk

Great communication is an art. Perfecting it is a science. The best companies approach with care and caution.

Then there’s Nintendo:

Marketing isn’t something you do to customers, it’s something you do for customers.

Yet Nintendo seems content with subjecting buyers to a string of names so convoluted that even the true fans are having a hard time keeping track. Can you imagine what it’s like for a non-gaming parent to shop for one of these things?

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David Ogilvy’s Last Will and Testament

All marketers should be voracious readers.

One book on my shelf that I feel is deserving of more attention is Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy.

Far from a mere book on advertising, there an ample amount of wisdom to be found on topics like candor, management, and creativity. And it is delightfully written.

Each line of prose is dripping with humor-laden bravado. My personal favorite:

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Why is Hiring a Great Content Marketer So Difficult?

Like finding a needle in a haystack, except you’re looking for a specific pine needle in a big stack of pine needles.

Perhaps many marketing managers can relate — as someone who is responsible for keeping the Help Scout blog moving along, there is no question I receive more than “How do we hire a great content person?”

It seems to be on the mind of growing companies everywhere.

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Can We Make Pop-ups a More Neutral Experience for Readers?

Email subscription “pop-ups” are one of those low-controversy topics that gets everyone in an uproar.

Sadly, I think this is real.
Sadly, I think this is real.

You know the deal — it’s easy to have an opinion, so the crowd pulls up their armchairs and fires away (time for me to get in on this! What are you blind ref!).

Generally speaking, as with most controversial topics, the crowd has divided like Moses parting the sea.

One group of folks says that pop-ups are the bane of the web; evil, greedy ways to “trick” people into subscribing.

Other people claim that the data tells a different story — if numbers go up and few people complain, then what’s the problem?  Nobody in this camp will (or should) try to argue that pop-ups are a plus for the reader experience, however.

Those points considered, is there a happy medium for pop-ups?

I can’t say I have an answer, but I’d like to share some thoughts on running a pop-up just for a company blog (the Help Scout blog) and the results that we’ve seen.

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