Best Entrepreneur Books

What are the best books for entrepreneurs? One of my favorite books for covering the basics of business and entrepreneurship is definitely The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman.

In it, Kaufman recommends a large variety of other works to complement the basic information covered in his broad business book. Education goes far beyond the classroom, and good books are the best place to start.

With that in mind, here I’ll share the best books for entrepreneurs as a frequently updated list that covers all of the major aspects of running a business.

The best entrepreneur books

Business formation books

Value creation books

Marketing books

Sales and pricing books

From pricing strategies to in-person selling, every entrepreneur must know how to sell. I’d argue that every person should be their own ‘Chief Marketing Officer’ (or know how to sell themselves), but that’s a whole other issue. Check out these books for some fascinating takes on sales and pricing.

Value delivery books

Finance and accounting books

Psychology and persuasion books

For a more comprehensive list, check out my article on the best psychology books.

Productivity books

Problem-solving books

Decision-making books

Writing and communication books

Negotiation books

Management books

Leadership books

Project management books

Systems-thinking books

Analytics and data books

Corporate skills books

Corporate strategy books

Innovation and creativity books

Design books

Consulting books

Personal finance books

Personal growth books

About the author: Gregory Ciotti is a marketer and (embarrassingly infrequent) writer. Previously, he led content marketing on Shopify’s growth team and was executive editor on the communications team.