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Tested advice and strategies for growing a successful company publication

Hey there, I’m Gregory Ciotti.

I help software businesses build meaningful company publications. I was previously the first marketing hire at Help Scout, where I helped grow our company blog to nearly 4 million readers per year. Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned in my newsletter.

Twice a month I publish an in-depth post on writing, publishing, or content marketing strategy.

Whatever your current role or job title — content marketing manager, staff writer, editor, etc. — if you work in brand publishing I strongly believe you’ll glean at least one valuable idea from my posts that you can apply to your work (way to set the bar high, huh?).

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I won’t waste your time

The bar in content marketing is offensively low, and the meta-advice is even worse. If you’re hesitant to sign-up for yet another content-focused newsletter, I don’t blame you. So let me make you a firm promise: I won’t publish bullshit, ever.

I respect your time as much as my own.

Because this newsletter is a personal project, there are no quotas to meet or metrics for which I am accountable. I’m simply going to publish the best material possible on the art of building a company publication. If I explore an idea and can’t make it unique, interesting, and immediately useful, it won’t reach your inbox. Period.

If you’re looking to get in touch, you can email me, or give me a shout on Twitter (@GregoryCiotti).