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Hey there, I’m Gregory Ciotti. 👋

I help software companies build customer-driven publications. I’m currently a Content Marketing Lead at Shopify and previously I was the first marketing hire at Help Scout, where I was hands-on in building our content marketing strategy to nearly 4 million readers per year.

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I won’t waste your time

The bar in our industry is offensively low, and the meta-advice is even worse. If you’re hesitant to sign-up for yet another content-focused newsletter, I don’t blame you. So let me make you a firm promise: I won’t publish bullshit, ever.

I respect your time as much as my own.

Because this newsletter is a personal project, there are no quotas to meet. I’m simply going to share the best material possible on the practice of scaling your content marketing strategy. If I can’t make an idea satisfactorily unique, interesting, and immediately useful, it won’t reach your inbox. Period.

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