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Writing / Content Strategy

255,262 Views on LinkedIn in 30 Days: Here’s Everything I’ve Learned

Assuming that writing is leadership at scale, a writer’s strongest ally is re-publishing — previously written words can often find a whole new audience.

With that in mind, from June 2nd – July 2nd I started a little experiment. I put LinkedIn’s new publishing platform to the test.

The execution was simple: Monday through Friday, I would post 1-2 previously published articles of mine on the site and gauge the response. I was primarily concerned with audience quality, overall reach, and deducing which topics worked on LinkedIn.

The results have been interesting: I amassed over 255,262 total views in a month.


Why is Hiring a Great Content Marketer So Difficult?

Like finding a needle in a haystack, except you’re looking for a specific pine needle in a big stack of pine needles.

Perhaps many marketing managers can relate — as someone who is responsible for keeping the Help Scout blog moving along, there is no question I receive more than “How do we hire a great content person?”

It seems to be on the mind of growing companies everywhere.


Don't Forget, Content is Customer Success

In the competitive rat-race that is “content,” has solving for the customer become a mere footnote?

Discussions whirl around how the company can get more out of content: more traffic via SEO, more clicks via enticing headlines, more links via ‘viral’ content, and more exposure by promoting your work on other sites. 

✝Note: also, you should create great content that helps people.

And therein lies the problem. Notice how the focus is on virality, not utility.

It’s not that wanting or pursuing these things is wrong. It’s your job to make sure what you create gets in front of the right people, after all.

The concern is that these days, the only mention given to solving for the customer is “create great content.”